Take action to create a chain reaction

ROLDA is created to gather international support for the abused and homeless animals from Romania, country with the largest strays overpopulation from Europe. With registered affiliates on 3 continents and supporters from across the World, ROLDA needs all the support we can get on short and long term to help Romanian animals live with dignity.

Your commitment will:

Make Romania a safer place for all animals

Help animals suffering and dying on the streets or in the filthy local pounds

Help people from remote villages who can’t afford to look after their pets responsibly

Reduce the number of strays overpopulation

When you take action,
you instantly create a chain reaction

Help us rescue injured dogs

Help us stop animal abuse

Be a voice for
dogs like Hope

Close the filthy pounds in Romania

Add your name to save
millions of strays

Make our voice stronger

Ask a multi billionaire
to feed his dogs

Provide food and medical aid to pets from poor areas

Help for working animals

Enable us to give our dogs best homes

Together, we can sterilize more strays, faster

Our slogan is…

Because every animal deserves to be respected!