ROLDA Legacies Society

The ROLDA’s Legacies Society recognizes those who have chosen to turn their love for animals into a generous offering through their will, trust, insurance policy or other legacy gifts that provides a future of kindness to animals.

All you need to do to join the ROLDA’s Legacies Society is share with us that you have made a gift to ROLDA in your will, trust or other legacy plans. Membership is voluntary and without obligation. Please let us know so we can celebrate your commitment and legacy of kindness.


Are there benefits to being in the ROLDA’s Legacies Society?

The biggest benefit, of course, is that you’ll be helping animals in need for generations to come. But you’ll also receive newsletters and updates from us, and Legacies Society’s Friends get a 10 percent discount on ROLDA online store, along with free shipping. By sharing your intention to give now a gift in your will to ROLDA, up to 5000 US$ will be immediately released to our charity by a Swiss group of donors, which will enable us to buy nutrition food for starving strays, improve our housing facilities for animals in need, expand our shelters, reach more dogs in need of medical emergency aid. Learn more about the Legacy Challenge here

I live outside Romania. Can I mention ROLDA Romania in my will?

Of course, you can. Please use these details when completing your will:
Fundatia ROLDA
Address: 16 Feroviarilor Street, Bl. C2, ap. 18
800563 Galati, Romania
Registration number: 18416340

I already put ROLDA in my will. Do I need to do anything else?

Yes, please complete this online form so that we can have a written record of your generosity. It’s a non-binding agreement strictly for our records and ensures that you will become a member of the ROLDA’s Legacies Society.

How do I get in touch with ROLDA team?

You can reach our team by using this phone number 004 0748 903612 (WhatsApp) or email us at

Your legacy in action

The legacy you create now will help ensure that the difference you’ve made for so many homeless pets today can continue on for the homeless pets of tomorrow.

That’s especially true if you choose to designate your gift for general use.
Doing so means that over 1000 animals that rely on ROLDA for care or emergency aid (food, medicines) on any given day will feel your generosity. So will the hundreds of community pets saved from death in shelters every year through social programs (including sterilization, microchip), and the grateful families helped. And so many more will benefit from your gift as well.

Regardless of what gift option you choose to help animals in need, your donation can be used for whatever purpose you choose. This is your gift to the future, and we have the highest respect for your wishes. To ensure that we can comply with your wishes, please contact ROLDA team at before executing legal documents containing a specific use for your gift.

Thank you for your extraordinary commitment to the animals.
Thank you, too, for your kind and generous heart and spirit.