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Join ROLDA Legacy Challenge Now: Up to 5000 US$ will be released in your name by
a group of generous Swiss board advisors to immediately help suffering animals!

What is ROLDA Legacies Society?

A group of compassionate individuals dedicated to pass their
love, commitment and respect for animals to future generations.

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Why ROLDA need your support


Rescue dogs abused, neglected, homeless dog

Provide sheltering and special care to 350 senior dogs

Help the pets that belong to owners with low income from rural area

To help more and better:

For extra comfort: Ventilation and heating to ROLDA sanctuary

For cats, too: Cattery for disabled, senior cats

For the seniors: Therapy with #roldadogs in the largest retirement home

ROLDA commitments:

Help the abused, neglected, homeless animals

Offer immediate medical assistance to injured animals found on the streets

Rescue – Provide good Sheltering conditions – Rehoming

ROLDA promise:

Provide full transparency about how supporters’ donations are being used

Fight against animal abusers and against the illegal public shelters in Romania

Help the poor community who struggle to look after their pets and farm animals responsibly

ROLDA values:

Honesty in every day work, relation with donors and collaborators

Endurance is one of our best weapons against all the rescuing difficulties

Responsible commitment for animals rescued

Fast Facts
about ROLDA