Working together to make a SAFE tomorrow for animals!

ROLDA UK is always honoured to receive a legacy that will help us continue our vital animal welfare work.
Receipt of legacies and any enquiries about how to distribute these gifts to us are dealt with by our legacy team.

Please call Karen 01615317797 or email

We understand that dealing with an estate can take some time and be a particularly upsetting process for family and friends who have lost a loved one.

Our legacy team welcomes the opportunity to work with executors and their professional advisors to make the process of distributing a legacy to ROLDA UK and honouring the wishes of our benefactor as straightforward as possible.

We also take great care to ensure we act responsibly in following charity regulations for receiving funds generously donated to us.

For additional information to share with your client,
please download our Create Your Legacy of Kindness brochure.

Gifts of a specific amount

Where ROLDA UK has been left a specific sum of money in a Will, please send a cheque for that amount, payable to “ROLDA UK”, to our legacy team.

Please also send a copy of the clause of the Will relating to the gift so we can ensure we allocate the funds as our benefactor wished.

It can be sent to: ROLDA UK
Suite 9273, PO Box 4336
Manchester M61 0BW

Gifts of a share in the residuary estate

Where ROLDA UK has been left a share of the estate after all debts and expenses have been paid, it’s helpful to make contact with us early on in the administration, even if it’s some time before you are in a position to make any payment to us.

Inheritance tax (IHT)

No IHT is payable on any property that passes to charity. If the estate is over the IHT threshold, please take into account our exemption when calculating any IHT liability. Our tax reference (Gift Aid) number EW65805

Any tax arising on the residuary estate should not be paid from the charity’s share of the estate, unless there is a specific clause in the Will to the contrary.

Capital gains tax (CGT)

A CGT liability may arise where an asset, such as a property or shareholding, is sold for more than the date of death value and the gain is in excess of the annual exemptions available to the estate. It may be possible to complete a simple “appropriation” form so that our tax exemption can be applied and any CGT reduced. In the case of a property, appropriation has to take place prior to exchange of contracts and Section 119 of the Charities Act 2011 may then apply to the sale. We are experienced in dealing with these issues so please contact us at an early stage if a CGT liability may arise so that we can assist you in reducing this liability where possible.