Hundreds of dogs like Buck and Hera were saved
because of kind and generous
people just like you

A bequest to ROLDA UK= A safe tomorrow
for animals in Romania!

Romanian animals live through a non-stop emergency situation. Today, ROLDA is concerned with alleviating their suffering and saving lives, but we have to think about the years to come, too. Looking ahead means to have the capability to respond to emergencies, promote a change in people’s mentality, educate the new generations in a respect culture, making our work on the ground more effective. Time, skills, effort and patience will be spent for many years into the future in order to give the animals a chance to live peacefully in their present time. With a testamentary bequest you can join us on this long journey.


Your bequest can be a specific sum, an estate percentage, or what remains of your estate after you have specified gifts to loved ones and covered expenses. Bequests may consist of money, stocks, real estate, and/or personal property such as valuable art or jewelry.

Join ROLDA Legacy Challenge Now: Up to 5000 US$ will be released in your name by
a group of generous Swiss board advisors to immediately help suffering animals!

Create Your Legacy of Kindness
Become a Forever Person
for animals in need!

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“If you come back as a dog or a cat (or a farm animal), you’ll be awfully glad that you remembered ROLDA in your will. ”


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Contact us at to receive the informative brochure or the additional help you need to make your choice.
Our representatives are happy and honored to get in touch with you.
A bequest is a REAL gesture towards a SAFE tomorrow for animals in Romania!


When creating your bequest, it is important to use the correct ROLDA registered name, registration number and address.

Legal Name: ROLDA UK
Reg. number: 1162690
Current address: ROLDA UK Suite 9273 PO Box 4336 Manchester M61 0BW

Remember: a bequest does not have to be a large sum. Any amount can make a significant difference to ROLDA’s work.

Leave a lasting legacy and benefit your estate at the same time.

There can be sound financial reasons why it makes sense to leave a legacy to ROLDA UK in your Will.
If you own your own house, this could well mean that the value of your Estate will be above the Inheritance Tax threshold.

You may be able to considerably reduce the amount of tax your estate pays on your death – or even remove it altogether.

As a general rule:

Gifts to registered charities are wholly exempt from Inheritance Tax      Read More

If you leave all of your Estate to charities, no Inheritance Tax will be paid from your Estate at all and if you choose to leave part of your Estate to relatives and friends, you can reduce the Inheritance Tax payable by also making a bequest to a registered charity.

What’s more, the Budget in March 2011 gave a further incentive to charitable giving, by announcing that if you choose to leave 10% or more of your Estate to charity, your Estate will benefit from a cut in the actual rate of Inheritance Tax payable.

Specifically, anyone leaving 10% or more of their estate to charity will have their inheritance tax rate reduced from 40% to 36% from April 2012.

This really is great news for charities and a move which we hope will boost significantly the number of people who leave a lasting legacy to their favorite causes.

If you would like more information about how leaving money to ROLDA UK, please contact Gemma at 07470549402.


What if I change my mind?

Many people put off making a Will in case they change their minds about legacies and bequests in later years.
However, once you have made a Will, the original contents can be changed or added to by means of a Codicil and will not involve re writing your Will. The Codicil has to be signed and witnessed in the same way as the Will itself, although the witnesses do not have to be the same. The Codicil must be kept with, but not affixed to, your Will.

How can I help relations, friends and charities?

If you would like to leave a bequest to charity but need to ensure that relatives or close friends are well provided for during their lifetimes, there is a simple way to achieve both aims. Your solicitor can explain how someone can receive an income or other benefit from your Estate for their lifetime and then, when this is no longer needed, the remainder can be passed to charity.

What about my funeral arrangements?

As many people never quite get round to discussing funeral arrangements with loved ones, making a Will gives you the opportunity to make your wishes known. Make a note of these to be included in your Will. Strangely enough, the cost of a headstone or memorial is not regarded, by Law, as a funeral expense and it will make matters easier for your Executors if your wishes with regard to a headstone or memorial are also included in your Will.

How much will it cost?

The solicitor's charges will usually depend on the complexity of your affairs and the time taken to draw up your Will. Don't be afraid to ask for an estimate in advance. It may help to obtain estimates from various local firms before deciding which one to use. There may even be a reduced cost if you and your partner make matching Wills that leave the same property and possessions.

Who should make one?

Everyone should make a Will because this is the only way you can be sure that your Estate will be distributed in accordance with your wishes. It is particularly important for parents with young families to make a Will to ensure that their children's needs are safeguarded. It is not enough to guarantee that their financial future is secure, thought must also be given to who will bring them up if you and your partner die. Guardians can be appointed in your Will and your solicitor will help with details of Trust Funds.

How much time is involved in making a Will?

Making a Will usually involves two trips to your solicitor, a first visit to give your instructions and a second appointment to check the document which has been prepared and to sign it.

Who will benefit from my Will?

Write down the full names and addresses of all the people you wish to remember in your Will. Think carefully about precisely which special gifts you wish to make and to whom.

How can I save costs?

To keep costs to a minimum the motto is be prepared! Having all the relevant information to hand will save your solicitor time and save you money. Make a list of all your possessions such as property, furniture and jewelries. Add to this list any shares, insurance certificates or bonds you hold and details of where these documents are stored. Finally, include on the list the name, address and account number of any bank or building society with which you have an account.

Can I draw it up myself?

It is perfectly possible to draw up your own Will but even simple Wills must comply with legal formalities and, if you are not familiar with legal terminology, just one mistake could invalidate the whole document. The best advice we can give is that you use a solicitor to draw up the Will. It is worth the expense to have peace of mind knowing that your wishes cannot be misinterpreted.

Why make a will?

If you have no family and have not made a Will, your entire estate could pass to the Crown and be added to the Treasury's coffers. So while you might want your closest friend to have all your possessions, the law will not agree if there is no Will.
Let Us Know Your Plan


We understand that how you plan to allocate your wealth is a private matter. However, if you wish, you can use this form to let us know of your intention to leave a legacy to the most neglected homeless animals from Europe, through us. The information you provide in this form is for our knowledge only and is in no way a binding commitment on your part. It informs us of your current intention and allows us to respond appropriately.
Please be assured that your reply will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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