Hundreds of dogs like Buck and Hera were saved because of kind and generous
people just like you

A bequest to ROLDA = A safe tomorrow
for animals in Romania!

Romanian animals live through a non-stop emergency situation. Today, ROLDA is concerned with alleviating their suffering and saving lives, but we have to think about the years to come, too. Looking ahead means to have the capability to respond to emergencies, promote a change in people’s mentality, educate the new generations in a respect culture, making our work on the ground more effective. Time, skills, effort and patience will be spent for many years into the future in order to give the animals a chance to live peacefully in their present time. With a testamentary bequest you can join us on this long journey.


Your bequest can be a specific sum, an estate percentage, or what remains of your estate after you have specified gifts to loved ones and covered expenses. Bequests may consist of money, stocks, real estate, and/or personal property such as valuable art or jewelry.


Another option to consider is a living trust. One advantage of a living trust, unlike a will, is that it can become effective immediately upon one’s death, thereby avoiding probate and insuring privacy. Please consult your attorney before finalizing any legal document.
When you include ROLDA in your will or living trust, you are given special recognition unless you wish your gift to remain anonymous.

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When creating your bequest, it is important to use the correct ROLDA registered name, CUI (Registration number named Cod Unic Inregistrare) and address.

Name: Fundatia ROLDA In Memoriam Rolando Cepraga
Social address: Com. Smardan, jud. Galati, Romania
Correspondence Address: 16 Feroviarilor Street, Bl.C2, ap.18
800563 Galati, Romania
Phone: 004 0748 903 612

Remember, a bequest does not have to be a large sum. Any amount can make a significant difference to ROLDA’s work.

Create Your Legacy of Kindness
Become a Forever Person
for animals in need!

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Think about it TODAY!


Contact us at to receive the informative brochure or the additional help you need to make your choice.
Please contact the other international ROLDA branches, in case you prefer (for tax purpose or any other reason) to mention the branch (and not ROLDA Romania) in your will. Our branches are incorporated charities, with updated financial records. Our branches’ representatives will be happy and honored to get in touch with you.
A bequest is a REAL gesture towards a SAFE tomorrow for animals in Romania!

How Gifts in Wills make a difference

ROLDA has helped over 20,000 animals to date and we have almost 700 dogs within our shelters though less than 10% of the income necessary for our vital work is due to legacy gifts. Increasing this procent is an act of kindness that every supporter can do. Your generosity means also that we can be here for dogs like Maia.

Maia holds the unwanted record of longest time in intensive care, beginning in December 2018, when she suffered horrendous injuries to both front legs, putting her at very real risk of double amputation or being put to sleep if our vet had decided it would be cruel to prolong her life. Her recovery continues to this day, though we hope January2020 is the final month she must remain in intensive care in an expensive, private clinic where she has received life- and limb-saving surgery.

Dozens of hours of spread across three surgeries, four months in intensive care and over a year hospitalised and undergoing rehabilitation. ROLDA never gives up on an animal where there exists a chance of acceptable quality of life. It is with your help that ROLDA can continue to offer the care so many dogs and other animals urgently require and deserve. Please consider making a gift to ROLDA in your will and be forever remembered in the happy faces you helped us save.



“If you come back as a dog or a cat (or a farm animal), you’ll be awfully glad that you remembered ROLDA in your will. ”



Let Us Know Your Plan


We understand that how you plan to allocate your wealth is a private matter. However, if you wish, you can use this form to let us know of your intention to leave a legacy to the most neglected homeless animals from Europe, through us. The information you provide in this form is for our knowledge only and is in no way a binding commitment on your part. It informs us of your current intention and allows us to respond appropriately.
Please be assured that your reply will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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