Leaving a gift in your Will promises to transform the animals World the way YOU dream it to be.

Most of Romanian animals live through a non-stop emergency situation. Today, ROLDA is concerned with alleviating their suffering and saving lives. But we must think about the years to come, as well.
Looking ahead, your legacy could mean the capability not just to respond to emergencies but also to educate people and to change the culture that allows so many animal atrocities to happen. Your legacy could reduce the emergencies. Permanently.

A gift in your Will to ROLDA ensures time, skills, effort and patience will be spent for many years into the future in order to give the animals a chance to live peacefully in their present time. Make a gift in your Will and join us on this complex but essential mission.

We are helping

A country with 2.5 million
stray dogs

2nd largest urban community
in Romania

One of the poorest region
of the country

17000 stray dogs
in Galati city alone

7000 feral cats (and their
number grows alarmingly)

1000 horses and donkeys living
nearby, at risk of being abandoned in any moment

Join ROLDA Legacies Society and make a REAL gesture towards a SAFE tomorrow for animals!

Create Your Legacy of Kindness for Romanian animals.

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ROLDA and the impact of your gift in will


will help us sterilize 1000 dogs and reduce by thousands the number of unwanted puppies


will help us build a
sanctuary for horsess


will cover maintenance work done periodically to improve the shelter housing conditions


will cover the costs to run the large shelter for a whole year rescuing over 1000 dogs, looking after them and prepare them to be rehomed by our foreign partners

These are only some examples and of course, the top priority for our team is to respect the wishes of supporters who make a gift in will

What is ROLDA Legacies Society?

A group of compassionate individuals dedicated to pass their love, commitment and respect for animals to future generations.

Join ROLDA Legacy Challenge Now

Up to 5000 US$ will be released in your name by a group of generous Swiss board advisors to immediately help suffering animals!

Remember: a legacy does not have to be a large sum

Any amount can make a significant difference to ROLDA’s work.


Your bequest can be a specific sum, an estate percentage, or what remains of your estate after you have specified gifts to loved ones and covered expenses. Bequests may consist of money, stocks, real estate, and/or personal property such as valuable art or jewelry.

Living trust

Another option to consider is a living trust. One advantage of a living trust, unlike a will, is that it can become effective immediately upon one’s death, thereby avoiding probate and ensuring privacy.

Life insurance

You can name ROLDA as primary beneficiary of your life insurance policy or as contingent beneficiary should your other beneficiaries not survive you.
If you decide to make ROLDA a beneficiary of your life insurance policy here is how the process works:
– Provide now for a future gift by naming ROLDA as beneficiary of a policy insuring your life.
– At death the benefits pass to ROLDA.
This choice includes little paperwork and represents a very valuable gift to help rescue and protect animals far into future.

Why I’ve left a gift in my will

Read Helen’s story: An inspiring commitment to a safer future for animals in need

Helen was born in Adelaide in October 1938, but her ancestors were from Scotland. Helen was a brilliant and savvy person, years ahead of her time, and an avid animal lover who would dedicate her life to a beautiful cause.
Helen’s goal was to leave as much of her life savings as possible to those who help animals in need. She became very frugal, making her and her husband’s clothes and doing her own DIY.
She was truly dedicated to making the world a better place for suffering animals. Sadly Helen passed away in January 2021 and we were honored to be notified of Helen’s intention to leave a generous gift to ROLDA.
Her dedication to animals lives on in our tireless work to rescue abused and abandoned stray dogs in Romania.

Meet Ionica, an inspiring woman from Romania who want animals to be supported even after she will no longer be.

Key Information

When creating your bequest, it is important to use the correct ROLDA registered name, CUI (Registration number named Cod Unic Inregistrare) and address.

Name: Fundatia ROLDA In Memoriam Rolando Cepraga

Reg. No.: (CUI) 18416340

Correspondence Address: 16 Feroviarilor Street, Bl.C2, ap.18, 800563 Galati, Romania

Whatsapp: 004 0748 903 612

Email: legacy@rolda.org


Please contact the other international ROLDA branches, in case you prefer (for tax purpose or any other reason) to mention the branch (and not ROLDA Romania) in your will. Our branches are incorporated charities, with updated financial records. Our branches’ representatives will be happy and honored to get in touch with you.

You don’t have to be rich or famous to make a difference. You just have to make a simple decision. Whoever you are, whatever your situation is, you can help create a better world by including ROLDA in your will. Please consult your attorney before finalizing any legal document.

These are some of the advantages to mention ROLDA in your will:

1.You can make a gift that costs you nothing

2.You can change your beneficiaries at any time

3.You can provide for your loved ones but also for causes that you care about

Fast Facts about ROLDA


General questions about wills

Who needs a will?

In most cases, those who own property and are concerned about who will ultimately receive it need a will. Regardless of your age or financial standing, it is important to take charge of deciding who will one day enjoy the property you have accumulated over your lifetime.

What if I have a will that no longer meets my needs?

Your will should be reviewed periodically and updated to reflect changes in your life—births, deaths, financial gains or losses, changes in marital status and your personal goals that can be affected by these changes. Tax law changes may also prompt a review of your plans.

Minor changes can be accomplished with a codicil, a simple amendment to an existing will. More substantial changes may require the drafting of a new will. Whether the changes are minor or extensive, always consult with your attorney when considering a revision, as handwritten changes may completely invalidate your will.

What if I would like to include gifts to charity in my will?

There are a number of ways to combine charitable gifts (also known as bequests) with your estate plans.

Gifts can take the following forms:

A specific amount: You can direct that a particular dollar amount be transferred to one or more charities.

Specific property: You can designate that a certain asset, such as real estate, artwork or other valuables, be used to fund a charitable gift. Such a bequest should be worded carefully, as the assets you own may change over time.

A percentage: A percentage of your estate can be designated for charitable purposes, thus ensuring that your gifts remain in proportion to other bequests.

All or a portion of the residue: You can provide that charitable gifts be made from what is left after all other gifts to loved ones have been fulfilled.

Additionally, you may include provisions for ROLDA through beneficiary designations of living trusts, life insurance proceeds or retirement plan assets that may remain at death.

Is there a way I can enjoy tax savings and other benefits from charitable gifts now?

Yes! There are ways to give that can provide you with income for life or another specified period of time you choose. You can then make a charitable gift of assets that remain when you no longer need the payments. Income tax deductions are allowed for such gifts when completed during your lifetime.

If you fund income gifts with securities that have increased in value over the years, you may reduce and/or delay capital gains tax that would be due had you sold the assets. It can also be possible to receive payments that are free of tax or taxed at lower rates than other income. You also enjoy the satisfaction of making a thoughtful charitable gift in a way that preserves, or perhaps enhances, your financial well-being or that of your loved ones.

Do both spouses need wills?

Yes. Husbands and wives share the same need for making wills, even if much of their property is held jointly.

How much does it cost to make a will?

The fees associated with drafting a will can be quite reasonable, especially when you consider that its purpose is to direct the distribution of property you may have worked a lifetime to accumulate. Taxes and settlement costs that can be avoided with a well-planned will can amount to many times the cost of preparing one.

Why might I need a plan other than a will?

A trust can distribute assets and manage them for elderly people or for younger heirs until they reach a certain age.

Joint ownership arrangements allow you to own property with others. At the end of one owner’s lifetime, the property passes outside of probate to the survivor.

A power of attorney lets you appoint someone to handle your financial affairs if you should be unable to do so. Many people also create a living will, which outlines their health care wishes.

Also review the beneficiary designations of your life insurance policies, IRAs, and other retirement plans, because your will and other plans may not affect their distribution.

General questions about estate planning

What is estate planning?

In its broadest sense, estate planning involves making provisions for the present and future management of the property you accumulate during your lifetime and deciding how you want it distributed when you no longer need it.

How do I begin the estate planning process?

A good place to start is with the “Four Ps”.

  1. List the people you would like to provide for in your plans. You may wish to include charitable interests.

  2. List the property you own and any income it produces. Include investments, real estate, retirement plan funds, and life insurance assets, as well as personal property.

  3. Your plans will begin to take shape as you consider how you wish to use your property to provide for the people on your list. Study your property list carefully, looking for opportunities to match the needs of each person.

  4. List the planners you will need to help you—your attorney, accountant, financial planner, banker and/or others. Consider asking your most trusted advisor to help coordinate the process.

What if I do not make an estate plan?

The state laws where you live will provide one. Your state’s plan cannot:

  • Provide for your heirs according to their needs.

  • Take into account who you would have wanted to be the legal guardian of your minor children.

  • Provide for special friends or charitable interests.

Is a will the only document needed to complete my estate plan?

Not necessarily. There are other ways to distribute property that can act in concert with the terms of your will.

About life insurance

How do I go about making a life insurance gift?

There are a number of ways to name ROLDA to receive all or part of a life insurance policy you already own. The process can be quite simple and easily changed over time as circumstances change.

You choose to make an immediate gift of a life insurance policy by making ROLDA the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a policy. You may be entitled to an income tax deduction based on the value of the policy or premiums paid. Check with your advisor for the amount of deduction to which you may be entitled.

What if I still need the life insurance policies that I own?

Consider purchasing a new policy and naming ROLDA as owner and beneficiary. With this type of gift, the premiums you pay may be deductible as charitable gifts each year. In this way, through the payment of affordable annual premiums and reducing your taxes in the process, you arrange for an eventual gift that may be much larger than would be possible using other resources.

Another way to give using life insurance is to purchase a policy to replace other assets given ROLDA. For example, if you make a significant charitable gift of cash or other property, you might utilize the tax savings to purchase a life insurance policy to benefit your heirs at death. The amount you gave to ROLDA may thus be replaced by the amount received by your heirs from the life insurance policy.

What are the benefits to the charitable recipient?

For the charitable recipient (ROLDA), the benefits include:

  • Amount of the gift—With a gift of life insurance, your favorite charitable interests may receive a larger contribution than would be possible if you gave other assets.

  • Avoiding probate—Your life insurance gift can be put to work faster because the charitable recipient receives the proceeds of the policy immediately, without having to wait for the estate to be settled.

  • The full amount—Because life insurance gifts are generally not subject to probate costs, your charitable beneficiary receives all the proceeds you designate.

Who should consider giving life insurance?

Policies originally purchased to provide for needs such as payment of mortgages, educational expenses, or estate taxes may no longer be needed for that purpose.

If your children are grown and financially independent, you have adequate retirement savings, your home is paid for and you no longer anticipate payment of estate taxes, one or more of your life insurance policies may now be “obsolete.” You can make excellent use of such policies by giving them or the proceeds they will eventually generate to one or more charitable interests.

Can you summarize the benefits for donors?

Among the advantages for the donor are the following:

  • Convenience—It is a simple process to change the beneficiary or give complete ownership to a new or existing policy.

  • Tax savings—Significant income, estate, and gift tax savings may be available by effectively planning your gift of a new or existing life insurance policy.

  • Privacy—Unlike a bequest in your will, a life insurance policy gift is not a matter of public record.

  • Flexibility—You can choose whether to name a charitable interest as a beneficiary of a policy you no longer need for its originally intended purpose, such as payment of estate taxes. Or you can purchase a new policy specifically for charitable use.

About legacy society

Are there benefits to being in the ROLDA’s Legacies Society?

The biggest benefit, of course, is that you’ll be helping animals in need for generations to come. But you’ll also receive newsletters and updates from us, and Legacies Society’s Friends get a 10 percent discount on ROLDA online store, along with free shipping. By sharing your intention to give now a gift in your will to ROLDA, up to 5000 US$ will be immediately released to our charity by a Swiss group of donors, which will enable us to buy nutrition food for starving strays, improve our housing facilities for animals in need, expand our shelters, reach more animals in need of medical emergency aid. Learn more about the Legacy Challenge here https://legacy.rolda.org/rolda-legacy-challenge/.

I live outside Australia. Can I mention ROLDA Romania in my will?

Of course, you can. Please use these details when completing your will:
Fundatia ROLDA
Address: 16 Feroviarilor Street, Bl. C2, ap. 18
800563 Galati, Romania
Registration number: 18416340

I already put ROLDA in my will. Do I need to do anything else?

Yes, please complete the Confidential Bequest Form online here so that we can have a written record of your generosity. It’s a non-binding agreement strictly for our records and ensures that you will become a member of the ROLDA’s Legacies Society.

How do I get in touch with ROLDA team?

Fill in our online form and we’ll send your question to the right person to answer it. At the bottom of this page, you will find a list of phone numbers and postal addresses, please use the most suitable one to get in touch with us!
You can reach the ROLDA founder directly at this phone number 004 0748 903612 (WhatsApp).

Our slogan is…

Because every animal deserves to be respected!