Assets You May Give

The following represent the types of properties that may be used to make charitable gifts in appropriate circumstances.

Check with us and your advisors if you are interested in making a gift of one of the following, as special rules may apply:

Publicly Traded Securities

Publicly Traded Bonds

Government and Corporate Debt Instruments

Series EE/HH Savings Bonds

Tax-Free Municipal Bonds

Zero Coupon Bonds



Boats and Automobiles

Publicly Traded Business Interests

Common and Preferred Stock
Traded Options
Mutual Funds
Real Estate Investments Trusts
Privately Held Business Interests
C Corporation Stock
Limited Liability Company Interests
Partnership Interests
S Corporation Stock

Real Property

Primary Personal Residence
Vacation Homes
Agricultural Property
Commercial Property
Improved Investment Property
Unimproved Land
S tock in Cooperative Housing Development

Intangible Property

Installment Obligations
IRAs and Other Retirement Accounts
Life Insurance Contracts
Commercial Annuity Contracts

Tangible Personal Property

Collections of Value

Legal Name: Romanian League in Defense of Animals
Current address: PO Box 4674 Crofton MD 21114
Tax ID# 32-0176929
Romanian League in Defense of Animals is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit.

For Outside of the US

Canadians leaving a planned gift to ROLDA will use the same information as members in the U.S. for the Legal Language and Tax ID in a will and other gifts such as bank accounts, insurance policies, etc. You can request information be sent to you by emailing us at

Join ROLDA Legacy Challenge Now

Up to 5000 US$ will be released in your name by a group of generous Swiss board advisors to immediately help suffering animals!

Will trust

Will or Trust

A simple way to save the animals’ lives for the future


Retirement Assets

Allocate the remainder of your retirement assets and save lives

Life insurance

Life Insurance

This gift will help ROLDA continue its lifesaving work

Year end

Year End Giving

A wonderful way to contribute to the work of ROLDA